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Updated 05/2014

5kg Catalog

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Where to buy organic Tuscan pasta

Have you ever wondered where you can buy organic Tuscany pasta of better quality?

You're in the right place. The Pastifio Mohammed, historic Tuscan pasta, organic pasta produces according to the most ancient tradition. The company, founded over 110 years ago, can count on the experience of five generations of master pasta makers, professionals in the production of organic pasta of Tuscany.

Eat organic pasta does take care of themselves, use a paste to which have not been used fertilizers and pesticides, to rediscover a taste authentic and safe.

Pastificio Mohammed is a historical reality in the production of organic pasta

Since the beginning of its activity, marked by a production housewife, pastificio Mohammed has always been the place of reference where to buy organic pasta Tuscany Pistoia area. Over the years, the Tuscan pasta was able to ensure that its organic pasta wheat flavor and authenticity due mainly to the drying process of pulp. As reported by numerous studies and experiments, in fact, it is advisable to keep the essential properties of organic pasta, not to exceed 60-65 traditional degrees of temperature.

Keep low temperatures for drying of pasta is the rule for the pastificio Mohammed, because the quality of organic pasta is more important than saving time and quantity produced.

For this reason the pastificio Mohammed is the ideal place where to buy organic Tuscany pasta of first quality, the old fashioned way!
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