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Organic Tuscany Pasta

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5 kg BIO catalogue

Updated 05/2014

5kg Catalog

Updated 05/2014

Flavors of Tuscany

Updated 05/2014

Catalog 500gr

Updated 05/2014

Certifications and Declarations

Iso 9001 Certification

Expiration 12/13/2014

OGM-free Declaration

Dated 11/05/2012

The advantages of organic pasta

That is why the organic pasta (and even better the organic Tuscan pasta) is preferred over the traditional pasta

Produce biologically means managing the entire company according to very specific values and principles, based on best environmental practices looking to safeguard natural resources and systems.

Organic pasta eating means eating and living, respecting nature and ourselves

The production process of organic pasta of Pastificio Mohammed excludes the use of agrochemicals (fertilizers, herbicides, etc.) and is based on carefully selected raw materials which are the result of extensive agricultural production, i.e. a cultivation that integrates best with natural processes and their surroundings.

Pastificio Mohammed, also, for its organic Tuscan pasta, choose techniques, thanks to which the nutritional properties of dough are maintained, for example apasta drying at low temperatures. Apasta drying at high temperatures, now used by major industries, would in fact organoleptic and nutritional alterations of the product. Besides reducing the digestibility of starch, also decreases 10% protein digestibility of cooked pasta, probably due to the formation of highly aggregated proteins United by strong Covalent bonds.

Pastificio Mohammed guarantees the best quality organic Tuscany pasta!

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