Food Service, Catering and E.P.G.

Control of the entire product chain, a hundred years market presence with the desire to improve themselves always make our products safe.

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Our products, made ​​with the ancient tradition Pastaia Tuscany, combine spontaneously with kitchens of traditional cottages, which are with us the perfect balance between authenticity and history.

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Ethical Purchasing Groups

Our philosophy fits perfectly with the Purchasing Groups one, which is why they are increasing in number as our customers.
It's an important reality and is growing continuously, so we devote all of our attention to it by offering organic products in catering packs from 5 and 10 kg.
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Home Delivery

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We served in years the main canteens and catering companies in Tuscany, because we offer them safe and easy to manage products.

All catering pasta is made with gluten-rich wheat, dies are customized to give shapes a strengthened thickness, allowing a cooking high-resistance.

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