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The choice of the best Tuscan durum wheat semolinas, worked at low temperature, the five generations of Pasta-makers masters experience: all of this can be found in our production.

Traditional Line

Born from this generous land, a place of incomparable beauty loved everywhere for the charm and tradition that surrounds, Tuscany.
A gluten-rich vibrant yellow wheat, respected throughout and for everything from low-temperature processes, processed into pasta from experience and art of five generations of master pasta makers, an excellent product to be enjoyed every day.

Taste of Tuscany

A special line with an eye-catching yellow paper pack, just as it was at one time!
Here you will find only drawn to bronze formats, rough and perfect to bind with consistent sauces, but also excellent with just a little olive oil, rediscover pasta's taste with Tuscany Flavours.

Organic Pasta

The growing demand for biological food reflects the desire to go back to the origins, the desire to regain safety and healthy flavors on our plates.
A green paper to recognize it, green as nature, where fertilizers and pesticides does not exists, where the time is dictated by the Earth and ingredients meet their natural simplicity.
An authentic and safe taste.

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